Waldo optimizes your parking occupancy.

Waldo is a desk and parking reservation software made for Microsoft Teams.

Make sure you have a place to park!

Waldo anticipates your next move.

Waldo is also able to manage your parking. Based on your preferences (if you come by car, by electric vehicle, by motorbike, or on your own two feet), Waldo will make sure you have a place to park when you arrive at the office. It’s super easy – and all in Microsoft Teams! and this feature also works for desk reservation.

Oh no! Someone parked in my spot!

Crisis averted!

So you arrive at the office… you pull into the parking lot…  and “Shoot! Someone took my spot!”. And of course, the parking lot is full. No worries – just open up Microsoft Teams and tell Waldo that someone took your place. Waldo will then use the backup pool to find an alternative spot for you. As said, waldo is more than a parking reservation software. Crisis averted!

No more parking spots? Let Waldo do its magic!

We call this feature “fluidification”

Bad luck! the parking is full tomorrow. You’re on the waiting list, but don’t worry, Waldo’s magic can help you out. Whenever the parking is full, Waldo will contact occupants who may be open to changing their mind (based on their habits). If somebody cancels their reservation, Waldo will book the parking spot for the first user on the waiting list… which may be you. Good news: this feature also works for desk reservation.

Super-Easy check-in!

Parking reservation? simply reply to Waldo.

When you arrive at the office, or even before you arrive, just reply to Waldo in your Microsoft Teams chat to check in. Or, if you’re not coming, let Waldo free up your desk for someone else. If you need help finding your seat or parking spot, simply display the map. You can also use the map to see where your teammates are. It’s super easy – and all in Microsoft Teams!

Waldo is also a desk reservation software. And you can start with the free app.

Predictive reservation.

Desk reservation.

Parking reservation.

Space occupancy (FREE!)

Overbooking management.

Specific seats and place.

Mood and satisfaction polls.


Guest reservation.

Badge system connector.

Bot conversation.

Overbooking alerts.

Map localization.

Teammates recognition (FREE!)

Where are my teammates (FREE!)

Homeworking day limitation.

Office day limitation.

Manager hierarchy.

Office 365 single sign-on.

Office 365 management based.

Microsoft Teams deployment.

Full software.

PowerBI reporting connector.

Automatic user onboarding.